Jonathan Borwein scholarship fund instituted

Since the passing of our beloved colleague Jonathan M. Borwein, many of us have asked if we could contribute to a scholarship fund in his name.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of Karl Dilcher of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, a scholarship fund has now been set up. This has been done with the full consultation and approval of Jon’s wife and family.

Details are given in a message from Karl Dilcher, below.

David H. Bailey


Dear Friends and Colleagues:

In consultation with the late Jonathan Borwein’s family and closest collaborators, a scholarship fund has been

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Special session of Australian Mathematical Society

Regina Burachik, Jeya Jeyakumar and Guoyin Li organized a special session “Mathematical and Computational Optimization” at the 60th Annual Meeting of Australian Mathematical Society (from 5-7 December 2016, Australian National University, Canberra) dedicated to Laureate Professor Jonathan Michael Borwein. The session had 13 speakers and 2 keynotes, including mathematicians from Australia, Spain, Brazil, and New Zealand. All speakers came together to commemorate and acknowledge Jon’s impact and seminal contributions to mathematics and in particular to optimization. Before each talk, the speakers shared their unique experiences in working with Jon and recalled how Jon has greatly influenced their research and life.

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Jerusalem conference commemorating Jonathan Borwein

Ilias Kotsireas and Thierry Noah Dana-Picard have organized a special conference commemorating Jonathan Borwein, to be conducted as the 23rd Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra. It will be held at the Lev campus of the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT).

Invited speakers include

Sara Hershkovitz, Center for Educational Technology, Tel Aviv, Israel. Doron Zeilberger, Rutgers University. Rob Corless, Western University, London, ON (Canada).

For additional details, see the conference website.

Special session of CMS meeting dedicated to Jon Borwein

Henri Wolkowicz and Heinz Bauschke organized a special session at the Canadian Mathematical Society meeting (on 3 December 2016) dedicated to Jon Borwein. The speakers, titles and abstracts of the session’s talks are available here.

The Midwest Optimization meeting dedicated to Jon’s memory

We have just finished Midwest Optimization meeting dedicated to Jon’s memory. Here is the conference website:

and a nice poster:

Boris Mordukhovich Distinguished University Professor Fellow, AMS and SIAM