To know is great, but to love — even greater

I was shocked to find this notice of Jon Borwein’s passing. Jon’s brilliance in pure and applied math was matched by an unusual–some would say incomparable–ability to share it with others. When I saw Jon in November 2015 at the CARMA Workshop in Newcastle I found a vigorous mind and body who–despite all his hard work and hours logged–then offered to take me on a long hike, to show me more of the “beauty of New South Wales”. (Alas, I wasn’t able to take him up on the offer.) Recently I was named Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle. Jon and I were looking forward to working together with David, Morris, and others on a book-length project about applied statistics and the crisis of belief and reproduction in science. His intellectual influence will be long-lasting. But Jon seems to have taken for his motto an ancient Chinese proverb: “To know is great, but to love–even greater.” [Stephen T. Ziliak, Roosevelt University, Chicago IL, USA; Faculty of Business and Law, University of Newcastle, Australia; The Angiogenesis Foundation, Cambridge MA, USA]

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